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mai 8, 2020
heal with natural stones

How to heal with natural stones?

Gone are the days when litho therapy was reserved for spiritual gurus and yogis. Today, even celebrities have started harnessing the power contained in these shimmering […]
août 31, 2016
a personal trainer

Importance of a personal trainer and what the law says

Looking for more information on Personal Trainer Insurance to make sure your butt is covered if something happens??? You’ve come to the right spot!  Being a […]
août 31, 2016
a workout

Before and after a workout

1. Get enough zzz’s. “The most imperative thing in any fitness program starts the minute you go to sleep—that’s where all the magic happens,” says Cardiello. […]
août 31, 2016
a better napping

The best tips to a better napping

What’s the best way to grab some extra zzz’s during the day? Here are some tips from the experts: 1. Don’t nap too long, especially if […]