Enjoy a holiday stay in the stunning French village of Rivedoux-Plage


Ile de Ré is ideally located in the water of the mighty Atlantic Ocean and is the numberone destination for many visitors who come to stay in its various types of holiday rentals each year. Look for an apartment rental in Rivedoux-Plage at www.myhomein-iledere.com and en joy the best offers around.

Rivedoux Plage, one of the most beautiful villages of the island, is a wonderful seaside resort that can be seen from the bridge linking Ile de Ré to La Rochelle. A holiday rental in Rivedoux Plage offers a perfect environment for a family vacation. Around this village, by renting an apartment, a cottage or a villa, you are assured to spend some memorable moments in a particularly unspoiled natural setting. Rivedoux Plage is a typical village of Ile de Re and being seduced by its charming appearance and its small white houses with blue and green shutters is inevitable.

Rivedoux is surrounded by the sea, the Breton sluice on one side and the Antioche one on the other. Once you choose your holiday accommodation in Rivedoux, you will have the unique opportunity to discover the authentic commercial bay in the north coast. You can admire the elegant boats coming and going all day long and experience the way of living in the middle of a natural setting protected with stunning dunes and beaches. Rent a holiday villa or apartment in Rivedoux Plage and enjoy swimming and winter sports during a fun vacation stay by the Atlantic Ocean!

If you chose Ile de Ré as your next holiday destination, a holiday rental in Rivedoux Plage could be the best place to make the best of your vacation stay and enjoy the village’s many attractions and spots. This village is ideal for a family holiday or a stay with friends and relatives. One of the most appreciated assets of Rivedoux Plage is Its proximity to the bridge linking Ile de Re to La Rochelle. Enjoy your holiday rental in Rivedoux Plage and uncover the secrets of intimate green forest which connects it to La Flotte en Ré. With its big range of holiday rentals, Rivedoux Plage acts as a great destination for tourists from all over the world.