How much does it cost to build a house?

build a house

Building a house is the pride of any family as it is a lasting refuge for its inhabitants. To get value for money, get the best architecture company to develop a good design. Getting a design and build company Cap Antibes will position your house strategically. The location overlooks the Mediterranean on the south, which is a strategic location for tourism and holiday.

The Cost of Building a House

The cost of constructing a house varies based on its size. For a 2-bedroomed house, the least amount is £180,000. A 3-bedroomed, 4-bedroom and 5-bedroom houses costs at least £24,000, £290,000 and £320,000, respectively. These figures vary based on the location, availability of materials and size of the house.

As the investor, the house design is essential as it is the source of the bills of quantities. It also influences the cost per unit and the overall construction cost. Moreover, the house design influences the average square metre, which also eats into the average construction cost per square metres.

Ideally, the average cost per metre is the same, irrespective of the size. Based on the market valuation, the price should be between £1750 and £3,000. From this, the investor can scale up the actual construction cost based on the size of the house. Although the price per square metre is the same, the size varies; the bigger the house, the bigger the square metre. Technically speaking, the investor benefits more by building a bigger house since they enjoy the economies of scale.

Another substantial cost is the professional fees. It is usually a function of the total cost, which is 15% of the total project cost. Based on the average house construction cost, the least an architecture company can get is £27,000 for a 2 bedroom house, while the maximum take-home average is £83,000 for a bungalow.

Cost Breakdown for the Building


The foundation needs time and concentration as it is the anchor of the house. It doesn’t have a specific range since its cost depends on the size of the house. Also, the land slope and quality of the soil texture can affect the cost. Consider a flat land with quality soils as they need less modification to hold the house foundation.

Building Structure

It is the house walls both outside and inside the room. It takes up the largest construction cost on the entire project. However, the cost varies depending on the building material and the size of the house. To reduce the structural cost, avoid house designs with very many walls.


The type of roofing is the primary determinant of the overall roofing cost. Tiles are the most expensive but durable, giving the house a unique appeal. Developers part with at least £5,000 for a good roof. To get the exact roofing cost, ask your architect for the actual bill of quantities.


The average cost of a kitchen is between £5,000 and £6,000. Despite being a room in the house, a lot goes into designing and equipping a kitchen. Cookers, chimneys, cupboard sinks and drainage lines are some of the areas of focus when costing a kitchen.


Depending on the bathroom size and the type of amenities the house owner wants, the cost may vary. The figure ranges between £1,400 for a simple room and £6,000 for a bigger and exquisite room. Bathrooms with bathtubs and a walk-in closet cost more, take time to construct and needs specialists. All these factors increase the total construction cost.

The Process of Building a House

First, the developer has to source for a piece of land. Research for a good real estate agent who will find a good serviced plot for your development. Land purchasing takes up a significant amount of the overall project cost. If possible, look for an affordable piece of land as long as it serves the purpose and is closer to social amenities.

After that, look for an architecture company to design a house. The reason why it is advisable to use a company is quality assurance. If the project is large, the architectural company might have in-house staff to design every aspect of the house. Top of the list is drainage specialists, electricity and civil engineers for the actual house construction. Ensure that the architect gets the authorities’ regulatory approvals to begin house construction.

After agreeing on the design and specifications, purchase the building materials. Although quality is critical when purchasing the building material, consider the cost as it will significantly affect operations. Big houses need vast volumes of materials. Consider getting the bulk of the material at once to save on transportation costs. If the development happens in phases, break down the budget into the stages and allocate the funds accordingly.

The house interior also takes up significant costs. From the kitchen to bathroom, floor and bedroom, a lot goes into creating the perfect finishing. Consider colour schemes, space, and other items’ position in the house. Afterwards, furnish the home to make it habitable. Furniture, electronics and cutlery form the bulk of house furnishings.

What Makes a House?

  • Finishing - it is the final product, mainly in-house, which gives the house a homely feeling. House owners can paint the walls with their favourite colours.
  • Proximity to amenities - availability of water, electricity and drainage makes the construction cost cheaper. Ensure that the real estate agent gets a prime location. Utilise it since its opportunity cost makes the whole investment worthwhile.
  • Location - if the project is in a prime location, getting the required professional is much easier. For example, getting a design and build company Cap Antibes is faster as many companies have offices with the district.

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