How to heal with natural stones?

heal with natural stones

Gone are the days when litho therapy was reserved for spiritual gurus and yogis. Today, even celebrities have started harnessing the power contained in these shimmering stones. Apart from being pretty to look at, the crystals are also said to assist in attracting abundance, channelling chill vibes, and promoting better sleep, according to

So, how exactly are these stones able to do all this? The following is a detailed look into healing crystals.

Natural Stone Jewellery to Include to Your Collection

All the natural stones are typically considered to be healing stones, implying that an intricate process must be followed for one to choose the perfect crystal.

In essence, it’s recommended that you get the one that you are attracted to. This involves trusting that whichever stone you have chosen represents the stage that you are in. It will also be what you require at that particular moment.

Blue Lace Agate

The blue lace agate crystal comes with soothing stripes and a dreamy powder blue hue. Where stone virtues are concerned, this stone is deemed ideal for crushing anxiety. You can also use it when you are feeling overwhelmed. By merely glancing at it, you get to absorb its gentle, and relaxing energy.


The stone properties of the selenite crystal make it easier for one to clear their energy fields. It’s recommended for use by people who have spent too much time with others, and who may start to feel as though they have begun to absorb negative energy. The stone works by placing a small piece of it on the chest for between three to five minutes each night before heading to bed. This will assist in cleansing your aura.


Are you experiencing financial difficulties and looking for a way to heal your financial problems? Pyrite is considered a good natural stone that can assist in money manifestation.

This stone should be placed inside your wallet or purse. This way, whenever you open it and peep inside, you get to receive a reminder of all life abundances.


While its benefits are yet to receive any scientific backing, this black, glossy natural stone is believed to assist in counteracting the electromagnetic frequency emanating from electronic gadgets.

Its proponents urge users to place it next to a radio, computer, or any other electronic gadget in use in the residence for protection purposes.

Black Tourmaline

When looking into healing crystals, you will find that the black tourmaline is often recommended for use by individuals who require spiritual protection.

The crystal is believed to provide an added protection layer. It can be carried in the pocket, worn around the neck or wrist, or placed outside a residential property. It is believed that doing this will create an energy shield that will surround your personal space.

How Can You Use Healing Stones?

If you are just learning about healing crystals, you should note that there is no correct or incorrect way of using them. However, it’s essential to include the crystals in your daily activities for you to obtain maximum benefits.

Program Each Crystal with a Specific Intention

Before you can start using a crystal, you will need to first program it using a given intention. Healing crystal experts believe that a crystal will naturally want to serve you, but it can only do so after you have told it what it needs to do. Once programmed, the crystal will act as a daily reminder of the goal that you have set.

Wear the Crystal

You can tap into the energy contained in the crystal by touching it. This means that the more you touch it, the more you get to benefit from its energy.

As such, wearing a crystal is considered a smart strategy. The good news is that today’s crystals can be found in almost everything: from clothing to jewellery, beauty products to accessories.

In case this doesn’t work for you, taking it and tucking it inside your bra can also work.

Toss the Crystals into Your Pocket or Purse

Not everybody is comfortable with the prospect of having to wear a crystal. If you would like to begin by taking baby steps or if wearing the crystals doesn’t work for you, consider placing them inside your purse or pocket.

You can use your chosen crystal as a touchstone that will assist in grounding you the entire day.

Meditate with Your Crystals

Meditating with a healing crystal is a good way to assist you to connect with the metaphysical powers contained in it. The process also makes it easier for you to increase your dosage of spiritual energy.

What you have to understand is that you will not be praying to the crystals. Instead what you are doing is holding to the crystal and using it as a source of energy that will enable you to become connected with your inner self.

Place Them in Your Bath Water

Consider making your bath sessions extra fancy by placing some healing crystals into the bathing water. Keep in mind that not all crystals should be placed in water, therefore, confirm in advance before doing so. Rose quartz is recommended for nurturing self-love while shungite will help you to detox. 

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