IBC packaging systems: choosing high quality products

IBC packaging systems

Industries like household chemicals, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, and beverage are growing each year. These companies, alongside many others, buy increasingly intermediate bulk containers (IBC) year over year. The packaging systems can help out these companies if they know what fits their needs. Ensuring the quality is good can protect the items stored in the IBCs. There are various IBC packaging systems, including:

New Intermediate Bulk Containers

They are constructed from virgin materials, components, and cages, and every aspect of these containers is brand new. The IBCs are BPA free and manufactured using food-grade polymers. They are suitable for storing oils, alcohol, milk, and drinking water alongside other food and pharmaceutical industry uses. The supply of a new IBC includes a fully galvanized outer cage and an HDPE (high-density polyethylene) plastic bottle. As an indicator that the bottle inside is unused, each IBC comes with an outlet that has a foil seal and a valve cap with a tamper-evident seal. These tamper seals make the containers the best for storing drinking water. They are also UN approved and have passed various legal regulations and certification for storing hazardous goods such as cosmetic ingredients, holding perfume, pharmaceutical ingredient storage, beer, and cider making, storing grain, and drinking water.

Reconditioned Intermediate Bulk Containers

Reconditioned IBCs are containers that have been previously used but are then professionally laundered for repurposing and are a budget-friendly option for new IBCs. Reconditioning the IBC involves the process of cleaning the container entirely. The exterior and interior of both the steel frame and the inner bottle are cleaned professionally, followed by visual inspection and leak inspection. Even though the containers are reconditioned and polished to a high standard, it's not possible to guarantee what was there previously in the IBC, and therefore reconditioned IBCs cannot be recommended for drinking water for animals or humans. The most common uses of these types of IBCs are storing water for watering plants and flowers, waste materials' storage such as motor and cooking oils, and rainwater harvesting.

Rebottled Intermediate Bulk Containers

They feature an inner bottle that is brand new and a refurbished cage. That means the rebottled IBCs are used partly and partly new. The cage is used but of good quality, while the inner bottle is a replacement with a new virgin bottle and a new outlet valve. The replaced IBC components have the same standards as new ones. The rebottled containers are therefore safe for food and drink storage and are a good option for storing water meant for animals. However, these types of containers are not the best for use in food-safe or sterile environments but are best in storing grains, and other animal feeds.

IBC Schutz Tank Brand

A company such as Schutz IBC UK is one of the major players in the industry that embraces sustainable business principles when it comes to the production of quality IBC products. Good quality IBC package systems should be efficient and ecologically safe for the environment. Schutz IBC stores different types of contents and also offers reliable transports in all aspects of the industry. New and reconditioned Schutz IBC fittings are ecologically sound and environmentally friendly. IBC Shutz containers save companies' time and space as these containers easily stack together, making space accommodate more. It also becomes easier to jack and lift with a forklift than their cylindrical counterparts. The companies feel assured that their material is stored safely and also transported smoothly, removing the ability to worry. As far as wear and tear of IBCs packaging systems are concerned, they are known to withstand all transporting conditions very well. IBCs are made with the highest quality materials there is out there, so storing items in these containers for a second time ensures users feel more secure.

Intermediate bulk containers are more likely used by companies who are looking to transport pharmaceuticals to a place of natural disaster, harvest rainwater for instance in the desert, or can be used as a safe place to store fertilizer. The reusable container is safe for transporting as well as storage of bulk semi-liquids and liquids. Choosing high-quality products is highly cost-effective as they are considerably cheaper than other standard water storage containers when you buy the correct type for your intended use.

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