Lash Lift: everything you need to know about this treatment

Lash Lift

Is it necessary to do an eyelash enhancement?

It is said that the eyes are the reflection of the soul. In any case, an open look changes the physiognomy of a face. Generally, it is recommended to use a mascara to give it intensity and depth. But to curve lashes that are too straight or droopy, it is preferable to have recourse to an eyelash enhancement, a technique that is attracting more and more women. Not only does the result last from 4 to 5 weeks, but it also saves a lot of time. No more curling your eyelashes.

However, this technique should not be confused with an eyelash perm. While the latter also lasts up to 5 weeks, it curls at the length, while the enhancement attacks the base. This treatment is ideal for short lashes. And the result is particularly natural.

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A lash enhancement session

Many beauty salons offer this service. This treatment must be performed by a professional because it requires a real know-how. A painless session lasts an average of 1 hour.

- A practitioner begins by studying the shape of the eyelashes to determine if they are short, long or straight, as well as their density. The shape of the eye is also taken into account.

- Then she applies a silicone patch to the upper eyelid (the eyes must remain closed during the entire session). The beautician glues the lashes one by one with tweezers on this patch.

- After about fifteen minutes, the practitioner removes them to apply a new product that she leaves on for another fifteen minutes. This is when the lashes take on a beautiful curve. For those who wish, it is possible to complete the session with an eyelash extension.

Can an eyelash enhancement be dangerous?

When performed in an institute, eyelash enhancement can be frightening. The eyes are indeed a part of the face with which one must be very careful. Despite the sometimes unpleasant smelling chemical products, this technique does not damage the lashes, as long as you do not abuse it. It is therefore necessary to remain vigilant and to space out the sessions. Like hair coloring, enhancement weakens the lashes.

Enhancement, perm or extension: what to choose for your lashes?

Eyelash care is on the rise. There are countless institutes that exclusively offer extensions or colorations for lashes only. But faced with this growing market, it is not easy to know which one to choose. To have lashes of dream version Betty Boop, the enhancement allows a very natural return. It is especially recommended for short lashes to open the glance. But to carry out a care at home, the perm is more appropriate. There are even easy-to-use dedicated kits.

However, the enhancement and the perm do not affect the density. For those who have sparse lashes, it is better to opt for an extension. The latter gives the illusion of having full lashes for several weeks. Practiced in an institute, silk lashes are glued to 1 millimeter of the eyelid. The result is very natural and discreet: the lashes are long and the look is intense. Finally, you should know that for this type of treatment, prices vary between 70 and 100 euros.

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