On-site gas production generators for industrial uses

gas production generators

With the introduction of the industrial age, gases, primarily oxygen and nitrogen, have been used in different stages of production. Some of the industries that use these gases include manufacturing and preservation of food and beverages medical and pharmaceutical packaging, laser cutting and oil and gas, among others. Production needs in these industries raised the demand for the gases, leading to the creation of secluded oxygen and nitrogen production plants to build supply. However, the production process for these gases was intensive and expensive. On-site oxygen and nitrogen generators are meant to lift the burden of production away from factories and transportation. Click here for more information.

On-site Gas Generators

Gas production for industrial use has always been involving and expensive. Manufacturers had to go through a long process of purification and distillation that consequently lead to the emission of dangerous gases into the atmosphere. Though a source of income to many, the process was also a threat to the environment and a contribution to global warming. On-site gas generators, on the other hand, are more environmental-friendly, less involving in production, efficient and cost-effective.

Making the Transition

Making use of an industrial nitrogen generator is an effective way of reducing the production costs and employing sustainable working habits. By using a nitrogen or oxygen generator, you apply the PSA (pressure swing adsorption) technology, which is used to compress gas and separate the different types of gases with varying points of boiling. The technology is responsible for producing quality and pure gases. The gases are then pumped in under high pressure into cylinders and pipes that transport them to their packaging or areas of use.

Benefits of Using On-site Gas Generators

The production of gases in their distillation plants poses risks to the environment. The risks are also spread when transporting these gases in cylinder lorries to different destinations. Storage can be expensive, and if not well regulated, catastrophic accidents are bound to happen. With on-site gas generators, you take away the risk of transportation and storage since production is done on demand. A nitrogen generator is efficient enough to cut long-term costs of buying and transporting nitrogen from production plants. An oxygen generator will help produce oxygen for an urgent medical reason, assuring supply during emergencies. On-site gas generators are easy to install and come with low maintenance costs. They also ensure energy efficiency, constant supply and reliability.


Nitrogen, being one of the most abundant elements in the universe, and oxygen, being a necessity for life sustenance, need constant production and supply. Industries that use these gases in manufacturing and packaging understand the importance of having their continuous and reliable supply. With on-site gas generators, enterprises no longer need to be concerned with supply failures and logistic constraints. These gas generators offer an eco-friendly solution with 0% emission of gaseous pollutants. Savings, safety and purity are fully guaranteed.

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